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Game Resources for Teaching English

It is a general belief statistically proved that using games in teaching English brings numerous benefits for learners at all ages and levels. It is handy now as teachers can search for the suitable games online. Below is a list of websites consisting of a variety of games that can be surely applied in your... Continue Reading →

25 Sure-Fire Strategies for Handling Difficult Students (Part 3)

When Personalities Clash . . . Sometimes, despite our best intentions, we find ourselves actively disliking one of the students in our charge. The student may be rude, disrespectful, disruptive, obnoxious, or otherwise annoying. It's just human nature; some personalities clash. But instead of feeling guilty about our feelings, we can take positive steps to... Continue Reading →

Pronunciation Challenge: Tongue Twister

Sometimes teaching pronunciation is quite hard and boring, so if students are challenged with something extraordinary they can find that interesting and would like to join the lesson. After or just among all the activities that help distinguish and practice the sounds, a small game is perfect to break the ice. Below is a list... Continue Reading →

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